Amanda and Edgar

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Our Story...

You're probably wondering how a guy from San Francisco, CA and a girl in Atlanta, GA ended up together... It all began on Memorial Day weekend in 2016. Edgar, a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan, decided to travel alone to Georgia to watch his team play against the Atlanta Braves. While enjoying the Giants/Braves game, he noticed a little notification on his phone. It was a message from Amanda on a dating app.

Amanda: "Hi, Edgar! You're super adorable. Do you work in Atlanta?"
Edgar: "Hey thanks! I’m actually visiting for the Giants/Braves games. Are you a transplant or native of Atlanta?"

Figuring that this would never work out, Amanda totally ignored him! However, something told Edgar to message her again asking if she'd like to meet up for coffee before he flew back. Still skeptical, Amanda declined coffee, but the two continued to chat through the dating app. Back in San Francisco, Edgar asked for Amanda's number, but she only provided him with her Snapchat at the time... then her Instagram... and then finally her phone number in July 2016. When Edgar worked up the courage to call, it went straight to voicemail. Amanda was too shy to pick up the phone. She did eventually call him back, and they ended up talking for hours, getting to know one another.

In August 2016, Edgar made the bold decision to fly back to Atlanta to go on an official first date with Amanda. Throughout dinner, they kept telling each other how surreal it was that two people from opposite ends of the country were sitting together on a date. Later that evening, they took a stroll around Piedmont Park and ended up sitting on a bench. It was here that Edgar pulled out a letter he wrote to Amanda, asking her to be his girlfriend. Up until this point, Amanda never believed in the phrase "when you know, you know." But after hearing the sweet letter, she knew. Since then, Edgar and Amanda continued a long distance relationship for about a year and a half, visiting each other every few months or so.

Fast forward to May 4, 2018... Edgar brought his mother to Atlanta to meet Amanda's parents. They had planned for a family outing at the Giants vs. Braves game that evening. On the morning of, Edgar told Amanda that they had to meet up with a guy at Piedmont Park to pick up the tickets. Coincidentally (but not really), they ended up waiting at the same bench that Edgar initially asked Amanda to be his girlfriend. It was here that Edgar asked the big question...

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